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Date posted: July 28, 2014


Jessica of Right Insight Counselling in Leeds LS17, providing counselling in LS1 and all of Leeds. I am a qualified and experienced counsellor new to Leeds. I trained in London where I used to live and where I began my counselling practice. Having recently moved to Leeds, I in essence have moved my practice from London to counselling in Leeds. In my private practice I see clients in person or provide Skype counselling or telephone counselling . I provide CBT in Leeds, Leeds counselling, Psychotherapy in Leeds and marriage counselling Leeds. I work with many issues including counselling for anxiety and CBT for depression, please contact me if you would like further information.

I went into counselling because I am interested in how we can be and live the best versions of ourselves, despite the many challenges we face and the many obstacles in life. Being your best self is challenging in certain scenarios, such as when you’ve had a certain kind of childhood or when you’ve been made redundant or you have experienced a loss.

In an ideal scenario if dealing with depression, anxiety, divorce or bereavement counselling for example, you would have enough resilience to cope, or turn to those around you for support to help you through. In my experience however, sometimes the self is so wounded it needs help and support to heal and often those around you are trying to deal with their own feelings and may struggle to identify and provide the ongoing support you need. I also understand how hard it can be for people to look after themselves when life has presented a challenge. Here I think of a quote I came across sometime ago, ‘My greatest strength is knowing my weaknesses’.

Reaching out to counselling means different things to different people, what does it mean to you? There was a time when to some people it meant being mentally ill, now however a lot of people are using it as a sign of, and to keep mentally, emotionally and psychologically well. Times have changed and more people, more often are recognising that they don’t have to wait for a crisis to recognise that something does not feel right and or is not working and therefore seek counselling. Maybe they are experiencing symptoms and signs of depression and anxiety so they reach out to a counsellor in Leeds or in whatever their local area is.

There is no shame in seeking Leeds counselling but even if you did feel that way, this is something that your therapist will help you to explore. I also work with my clients to find and tailor counselling or therapy to their individual needs. This may involve helping you to understand yourself better or identifying better coping mechanisms, it may be both. Due to my commitment and passion to my clients and my work, I will support you in working through whatever issues you are going through. Whatever work we do, it will be about supporting and helping you identify and develop your own inner resources, better coping mechanisms so that you too may get the most out of life.


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