Skype Counselling

Date posted: July 21, 2014

What is Skype counselling and how does Skype counselling work?

Skype counselling is similar to face to face counselling in that your counselling appointment is 50 minutes, the counselling work is confidential and your goals as a client are identified and worked towards.

Counselling in Leeds, my primary work involves working and helping you in person/face to face with clients. However by providing counselling via Skype, clients can work and have counselling with me both within Leeds and across the UK. Either in person or via Skype, the kind of counselling service I provide is the same, so whenever clients are seeking Leeds counselling and looking for a counsellor who works with depression in Leeds or a couple are seeking couples counselling in Leeds together, clients receive the same level of experience, support and help.

Is Skype counselling for me?

This will be a two way decision. In the first instance it is best to contact me either by phone 07795 253457 or email:, this will enable us to find out what is going on for you, how best to help you and which method of Leeds counselling would be most suitable.

What issues do you work with?

I work with a wide range of issues, for example I provide CBT for depression or counselling for anxiety, I also work with eating and food issues which are causing you concern. If you require further information on this please see my home page or my issues page, if you require further information on counselling Leeds, you can also contact me directly.

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